The new brand ‘Seall’ was launched in 2013 by Jargoon, specialists in maritime software development, with the motto of ‘See all there is to Sea’. Seall aims to provide efficient and innovative solutions for the mariner and the marine industry. All Seall products, like Seall Passage Planner, are designed with e-navigation in mind.

Latest News

(Latest News) Seall New Website Announcement

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website!The new website is designed to maximise the efficiency and convenience for visitors to our website, and allow them... read more

(E-Navigation) Enhance mariner’s safety with Seall Passage Planner's risk assessment report

The smart e-navigation software is designed to overlay multiple vital data such as AIO or Navarea warnings directly on top of ENCs in order to give a wide range of navigational... read more