Seall ECDIS Kernel is a software development kit (SDK) for maritime applications. This type-approved solution allows the loading and display of a multitude of maritime chart formats as well as overlaying this with other vector information such as weather, piracy, mobile drilling drigs and more while fulfilling the IMO, IHO and IEC requirements for type approved bridge equipment.

The Seall ECDIS Kernel also provides the fastest and easiest chart import technology ever, no matter if used in ECDIS, ECS, shore applications, recreational products or tactical displays.

With other 16,000 licensed users, Seall ECDIS Kernel has been described as 'the best technical solution in its field globally' by the UKHO. For a type approved ECDIS kernel, built in the latest .Net technology with touchscreen technology in mind, there really isnt any other option.

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Supports the import of the following chart data:

1) Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS)



Provide the ability to plan a route which can then be validate against the loaded ENC.

Simple integration into your own software giving you the ability to develop your own Overlays, quickly and easily.

1) Integration: We would be delighted to offer you our professional services in order to integrate or help with the integration of our kernel with your solution.

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