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We introduce new boat and flight service

“Eight months ago, As the Tidewater Marine UK Ltd Marine Superintendent, I was left in an awkward position by the operational demands of one of our vessels. Because of the continually changing areas of work, and the very quick changes to operational plans, a solution to their “Required Charts” was needed. After looking at many systems, in regards to, what they could offer, the price, supplier after sales performance, standards and age of softwear and equipment, product upgrade, and ease of installation. We contacted SEALL to discuss installation of their “relatively” new system on our vessel. One of the first things that catches your eye, is the design of SEALL ECDIS v 1.2.x. It is compact, easy to install, lightweight, and can be installed in any position at any angle. Interface between it, and input systems is simple through a lan and serial connections. All the vital sensors are well catered for, 2* GNSS, Heading, Speed, Depth, AIS, ARPA, VDR, CAM and Navtex, Although Radar Overlay wasn’t available at the time, this is a feature being worked on for future models and upgrades. Package included a tutorial interactive programme, which guides and teaches the student all that is required to operate the system. The touch screen function makes chart work quick and accurate, while the system still has keyboard and mouse functions if required. Route planning, validation and execution is simple and quick. Our Vessel had some problems with this at the start. This was due to the Start and End waypoints not being in a port, but with help from Seall support this was soon resolved. One of the major concerns I had was after sales support, this was soon dismissed after we asked for help with a particular problem only associated with the specialised job the vessel is engaged in. It was resolved quickly and efficiently with a suitable patch. Our package also includes upgrades with the system and softwear every year as required. This is a great bonus in a constantly evolving electronic world, which has to adapt to constant regulatory changes and amendments. There is of course some teething problems and crews have to become familiar with the operation of the system. This is the norm, there are always grumbles and gripes with deck officers who have been using a different system for a long time, and they now have to change. However the SEALL system is easy to operate, is ergonomically well designed, and after some practice easy to use. The quote a well-used sentence “It does what it says on the Tin” It meets the required standards as per, IEC 61174 Edition 4.0, IEC 62288 Edition 2.0, IEC 60945, and IHO S52 Presentation library 4.0. A Good Product.”

About Captain Lance Grindley

Experienced Master with a demonstrated history of working in the maritime industry. Skilled in Strategic Planning, Maritime Operations, Maritime, Navigation, and Logistics Management. Strong operations professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Nautical Science from Belford University.