Still pondering the advantages of ECDIS over paper charts?

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Below are the 12 advantages to ECDIS over traditional paper charts:

  1. All the information is processed and displayed in real-time
  2. It eases the process of passage planning
  3. Get all necessary navigational information at a glance
  4. Alarms and indications are in place to indicate and highlight dangers
  5. Chart correction is made easier in ECDIS as compared to paper charts
  6. Charts can be tailored as per the requirement of the voyage
  7. Other navigational equipment such as the AIS, ARPA etc can be overlayed and integrated
  8. Charts can be oriented as per requirement
  9. With the facility to zoom in and out, features can be examined as per necessity
  10. A more accurate ETA can be obtained
  11. Charts can be interrogated for detailed information
  12. All in all, it enhances the safety of navigation