November 16, 2021

Are we talking about the Blue Economy?

The ocean plays a critical role, by regulating the climate and giving us oxygen – it’s our life source.

But what are we doing to protect our oceans (and ultimately ourselves), and are we talking about the Blue Economy?

Over the last couple of weeks world leaders gathered at the largest climate change conference, COP26 to discuss how to sustain life on earth to meet a greener economic future but what about a blue economic future?

What is the blue economy?

The blue economy has emerged to emphasise the sustainable use of ocean resources for the improvement of human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological insufficiencies.

What does this mean for the marine industry?

The significant impact that the marine industry has had on our oceans has led theInternational Maritime Organisation (IMO) to set an agreement to cut ship emissions by 50% before 2050. The biggest factor to achieving this will come from better route planning and consequent optimisation.

Blue Economy

We make it simple

We provide simple and intuitive solutions to achieve better voyage planning. AllSeall products can be licenced with our A-B feature and with the use of our automatic waypoint plotting, mariners can create multiple voyage plans quickly and accurately as well as providing alternative routes.

Our software takes you step-by-step through the entire planning process, automatically finding all necessary charts required for your intended voyage which you can send directly to your chart agent using our in-built order basket and marking all potential navigational hazards for your review.

It takes you through both a planning and appraisal checklist that requires to be signed off by the navigator in charge, ensuring the voyage is carried out with the appropriate safety measures and removing the likelihood of human error, no matter the crew changeover.

We are intuitive

We offer both an email update service to vessels with low internet capacity and an online method, which allows automatic updating of permits, charts, weather, and other data options such as navigational warnings and mobile drilling rigs. By using this daily weather collection service in conjunction with our new Weather Optimisation feature ensures your voyage has been treated with maximum efficacy. The animation feature allows you to test voyages out easily against a variety of speed, time and intended weather scenarios, giving you the foresight of what to expect throughout your approaching voyage.

Running the optimisation algorithm against your set sample rate will offer a recalculated route option for better efficiency which you can review and accept using your own valuable marine expertise. A final optimisation report can then be generated to illustrate and analyse the data used throughout this process and detailing the voyage time and fuel savings.

And the best part…

Seall can provide complete access to all the routing and optimisation created onboard back to those onshore through our unique customer portal.Not only does the customer portal allow vessel’s to automatically send all plan and instrumentation reports back to their onshore team to review, it also offers a live AIS tracking map view to display all AIS vessel logged positioning as well as intended destination, current speed and estimated arrival time.

What does this really mean and how will it help us restore our Blue economy?

With over 90% of the world’s trade in materials and finished goods transported by sea; the passages, as with roads on land, can get a bit busy.Port congestion, or “bottleneck” situations, cause catastrophic delays in the shipping sector. Not only does this mean wasted resources like time and money but also huge fuel losses as they sit and wait their turn to dock. UsingSeall’s technology, a far greater transparency and can be achieved by those shore-to-ship-to-shore, promoting better communication and drastically reducing this unnecessary fuel losses that cause significant damage to our ocean.

Click here to read about the very real bottleneck issue on the transpacific trade, we need to be part of the solution and it needs to be now.

Blue Economy
Blue Economy
Blue Economy
Blue Economy
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Barry Booth
Written by
Barry Booth
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
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