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An accurate and effective software programme that enables mariners to access relevant, up-to-date information to reach destinations safely.



The SEALL Passage Planner (SPP) is an accurate and effective tool that enables mariners to access relevant, up to date information to navigate routes and reach destinations safely.

Planning for the voyage (as well as close and continuous monitoring of progress and position) is crucial to safety at sea, efficient navigation and protection of the marine environment.

Features of SEALL Passage Planner have been designed with the user in mind and touch screen functions allow for simplification of tasks, bringing together all necessary information in one place.

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SEALL Passage Planner makes journeys simpler, wherever you are going

SEALL Passage Planner features various essential planning tools:

  • SEALL Passage Planner is an innovative, simple, reliable and advanced software program for passage planning
  • Developed by the SEALL team who understand the challenges and constraints faced by modern mariners
  • SPP is coupled with high-quality graphics which will improve the user experience
  • SPP is fast, accurate, easy to use and intuitive for all users
  • The step-by-step help desk is on hand, no matter where you are
  • A training package is also available on request
Hatteland Series X 24” Panel PC

Hardware Connection Overview


  • 1 x AC supply
  • 2 x DC supply for the Vessel 24V backup supply
  • Can both be connected for fail-over


  • 4 x 422/485 serial connections
  • 2 x LAN connections
  • 4 x USB connections
  • Can connect to sensors through:
  • Direct serial connections separately
  • Multiplexed connection down single serial
  • Multiplexed on a single LAN through bridge network
  • Through external COM module via USB port.

Sensors Input:  



VDR, BAMS (Bridge Alert Management System), BNWAS (Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System)


The need for voyage and passage planning applies to all SOLAS vessels. Some factors can impede safe navigation and must be taken into account in the preparation and execution of passage plans.

SEALL aids the user’s compliance with SOLAS Regulations, as laid out in the following link.

ECDIS Integration

Integration into your existing ECDIS

SEALL Passage Planner has been tested against all of the major ECDIS brands. Integration between your back-of-bridge and ECDIS has never been simpler than when you have both Seall ECDIS and Seall Passage Planner installed as plans and data can be transferred at a click of a button with no need for external USB transfers.

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can be completed by:

  • Accessing free training app
  • Download as Windows or Mac desktop application
  • Based on  guidance by the Nautical Institute
  • The course should take less than ½ an hour
  • A certificate maybe printed of and retained on board

SEALL ECDIS has been type-approved by DNV GL and designed to meet the following standards:  

  • IEC 61174 Edition 4.0 standards (2015)
  • IEC 62288 (2014)
  • IEC 61162-1 (2010)
  • IEC 60945 (2002)
  • IHO S52 Presentation Library Edition 4.0
  • IHO S57 Edition 3.1
  • IHO S63 Edition 1.2

Installing and setting up the SEALL ECDIS is a fast, reliable and simple process. The system automatically detects any sensors that it is connected to including, motion, positioning and heading devices, AIS and ARPA and automatically sets up monitoring functions.

We have partnerships with both large global service engineering firms and local service companies alike in order to look after installation and servicing work

After Sales

Installation/ Commissioning Support

  • Strong installation partners with a global presence.
  • If the cables are run installation will take less than an hour.

Hardware Failure:

  • SWAP if within Warranty Period
  • SWAP shouldn’t require additional engineering time due to simplicity.  On Initial Commissioning, the engineer can pull a system report which details how the system is setup so we can pre-configure the replacement.

Software Updates:  

  • We will ensure the solution continues to meet the legislative needs.
  • Software updates delivered via USB Key & installed by the user.


Our Passage Planner is gathering speed in the marine industry - don't be left behind.

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